Saturday, 5 August 2017

Narrative Writing

We all had so much fun exploring NARRATIVE writing this week. Stay tuned for more...

The Old Rusty Lady
Once upon a time, there lived an old lady called Granny Groggin and she had grey hair and white skin.
Granny Groggin lived in a rusty house and it had spiders in it that crawled around the chair, crept into the cracks and climbed up the walls.
Granny Groggin loved having spiders on her body. Flies annoyed Granny Groggin with their buzzing noise.
Granny Groggin had a broken light bulb and a man was supposed to come but the man didn’t turn up because he didn’t like spiders.
Granny Groggin had no friends and nobody liked being with spiders so she hid them in her room and then she invited them to her house and they liked it there.
When the people were having fun they didn’t know that the spiders crawled out of the room and when one person saw it that person got scared and he shook with fear and everyone was laughing then they got scared too. Then Granny Groggin started to laugh as well.
Then when they got scared they said, “we are leaving now and will never come back again!’’
Granny Groggin lived happily ever after with her favourite darling spiders.

By Hunny Hona

The Three Billy Goats

Once upon a time, they lived a cranky green ugly giant troll. The troll lived under a haunted bridge with big black spiders and slimy yucky slugs. The troll always scared the animals away with his scary loud roar. The troll was mean and he did not share the bridge with other animals. The animals were too scared to go across the bridge but one day they met a brave boy named Marley. Marley went to the Troll’s bridge and said to the troll, “you must share the bridge with these animals,” but the troll said, “No  this is bridge is mine!”  Then one of the animals got furious and pushed the Troll into the deep water! They all lived happily ever after.Free vector graphic: Troll, Goblin, Mountain Troll - Free Image on ...By Summer Chinnery
Stranger Danger
Once upon a time, there lived a family and their names were Tonga, Tanisha, Mum and Dad. They lived in a beautiful clean white house which had a pink chair, green curtains with pandas on it and four soft beds and blankets. They were good at being brave by staying alone by themselves at home. One day when their parents left the house, there were two strangers who came into their house and tried to look for money. Tonga and Tanisha ran to their room and hid under their bed. Tonga and Tanisha were scared and terrified because the strangers cracked the window, lifted the blankets and pushed down cupboards.Tanisha rushed to the phone and she called the police. The police came and arrested them. Their parents were proud of them for being brave and their family lived happily ever after The End.

By Tonga Launga

Rata and The Waka

Once upon a time, there was a brave Maori man named Rata. Rata lived in a white and grey house in the sunny forest in the islands. Rata chopped trees to make a waka. One day Rata chopped a tallest and straightest tree to build a waka but he forgot to ask for permission. Rata felt sorry because he didn't ask God of the forest before cutting the trees. So he walked up to Tane the God of forest and he said, “I will ask for permission next time. I'm sorry!” Then Tane's children build a brown waka for Rata to surprise him.

By Malakai Heihei-Vaifale

File:Abaconda New Zealand maori waka.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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